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Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Robert I. Cohen - MBBS, LRCP, MRCS DRCOG, MRCPsych Dip Crim

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Recognised by all major medical insurers. Credit card payments welcome for self‑funded treatment.

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Philosophy of Care

Making an appointment to see a psychiatrist is for some a daunting prospect, and a decision to seek help is sometimes hampered by fears of ‘my problems are not important enough’ or ‘there are others who are far worse off than me’. The knowledge that difficulties will be discussed sympathetically, non-judgementally and in total confidence, will hopefully encourage those in need to seek help and regain control of their lives.

New patients are generally seen for an hour for their initial assessment and follow up appointments will either be for half an hour or an hour depending upon the nature and complexity of the problem.

Wherever possible a treatment plan is discussed, and agreed, so that at all times therapy remains ‘goal directed’ and not open-ended. In some cases medication may be prescribed to alleviate symptoms, whilst in others talking treatments or behaviour modification may be offered, possibly as part of a combined package of treatment.